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Picking Jennifer and Tera to plan your event, then guarantee yourself that your vision will become a reality, and they will make sure that your day will be just what it is supposed to be. It will be described in no other way than a dream come true!
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About Us

Tera and Jennifer met while they both were in college pursuing their degrees in fashion marketing. Their bond was instant and through the years has only grown stronger. When the time arrived in their lives for their own weddings, choosing the maid of honor was an easy task and the planning began. The choice to plan their own weddings was a simple one as each of them not only has extensive experience in fashion, but they also both have experience with event planning and execution. There was not a detail that was left unnoticed in each of their special days.


To some Jennifer and Tera seem like opposites. They grew up in different parts of the country and their personalities are uniquely different. To those who know them, life couldn’t be imagined without those two together. They are passionate, hardworking, detail oriented, and always want to make the guest of honor feel like every detail is taken care of. Picking Jennifer and Tera to plan your event will ensure your day is nothing short of a dream come true!






Your wedding day is something women dream about our entire lives. We want the PERFECT day!


From a males perspective they may not dream about it like we do, but our wedding was the most important day of our lives.  With friends, family, and colleagues present, that day is a reflection of the couple and one that has lasting effects for the years to come. A day that we will share with our family, children, grandchildren and so on… So we knew we wanted it to be flawless, just like most couples.


Jonathan and I had a unique situation that we used a wedding planner before Best Friends Borrowed.  What came to be a blessing in disguise our first wedding planner and moved to Texas half way through the planning process leaving us searching for the perfect solution- Luckily we came across Jenn and Tera and we can confidently say that instantly improved every aspect of our planning process.  Communication, creativity, organization, ideas, attention-to-detail….there is a something special when you have two best friends working with you.  It provides a chemistry and synergy that is nearly impossible to reproduce. We felt like they were re-planning their OWN wedding! They were very involved, proactive and had great follow up. I had no vision of what I wanted and that made it harder, but they helped guiding me through the process and paint a wonderful picture of what I could have.


For a couple that has full time and demanding jobs even during weekends and after hours, they made the most stressful time of our lives, quite manageable and easy-to-handle.


The outcome was perfection.  Our venue wasn’t a cookie cutter location set up for weddings and we had to bring everything in to make it function for a reception.  Jenn and Tera took the reins and produced a free flowing day with photographers, videographers, rentals, caterers, babysitter, DJ….all where they needed to be, when they needed to be there.  I couldn’t imagine the day coming together without them.  One wedding planner couldn’t pull off the day they put together; a team couldn’t pull off the day.  It took the touch of two best friends who want this day to be as perfect as the couple does.


Even when Jonathan and I got to our suite that night, we were hungry since we didn’t get the chance to eat as much. They had packed a meal for us in the fridge with food from the wedding for us to enjoy. Those little details, make a HUGE difference!


The biggest testament was going to Jonathan’s hometown in Kansas for Thanksgiving nearly two months later and having friends, family, and colleagues all say it was the best wedding they ever went to and how much they liked our wedding planners.  In the midst of all the craziness Jenn and Tera also interacted with our guests to make them feel welcome and at home.  They provided the reflection of what we had hoped for and we highly recommend them to anyone that wants a ONE-OF-A KIND experience.


Thank you Best Friends Borrowed. We can’t wait for you to plan our baby showers and kids birthdays!??


— Alexandra & Jonathan Loeb